Surgery Information

I've put together some information about surgery that I hope is information for you. You can listen to an audio podcast, read a text handout, view a video specific to your procedure, and link to other material about your procedure.

Please be patient if you click on AUDIO or VIDEO. It takes a while to load.
Some of the videos need RealPlayer. Text needs Adobe Reader.
Click the links below to download.

Cervical Discectomy/Fusion audio text
Cervical Corpectomy/Fusion  audio text
Cervical Laminectomy audio text
Cervical Disc Replacement audio text
Posterior Cervical Fusion text
Scoliosis Correction
Lumbar Laminectomy text
Lumbar Discectomy text
Posterior Lumbar Fusion text
Anterior Lumbar Fusion  audio text
X-Stop text
Lumbar Disc Replacement text
Kyphoplasty  audio text
Vertebroplasty text
Bone Grafting & BMP audio text
Spinal Instrumentation text
Pre-Operative Instructions text
Post-Operative Instructions text
Risks of Spine Surgery text
Epidural Steroid Injection audio text
Selective Nerve Block
Lumbar Facet Injection audio text
SI Joint Injection
Radio Frequency Rhizotomy
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