About Dr Stahlman

My Life

I am happily married to a wonderful South Carolina native. We have an active lifestyle enjoying exercise, cycling, cooking, gardening, and all manner of shooting sports. I have raced triathlon, cycling races, and have completed 2 marathons. A lifelong tinkerer, I've even designed and built several award winning bicycles from bamboo. I am also an NRA certified pistol instructor. I grew up in California but my family has a long history in Nashville. I have been in practice with Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance since 1996.

My Education

University of California, Berkeley
BS - Bioengineering

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

My Professional Training


Orthopaedic Surgery

Vanderbilt University
 Nashville, Tennessee


Spinal Surgery

Carolinas Medical Center
Charlotte, North Carolina

My Publications

Do Growth Factors (TGF-B and PDGF) Affect Healing of the Ruptured Medial Collateral Ligament in the Rabbit?
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, 1994

Collagen Synthesis and Biomechanical Response to TGF-B2 in the Healing Rabbit MCL
Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting, 1996 (Poster)

Surgical Management of Spinal Injuries
In Skeletal Trauma, 2nd Ed.

Allografts in Spinal Surgery
In The Spine, 4th Ed.

Spindler KP, Dawson JM, Stahlman GC, Davidson JM: Collagen Synthesis and Biomechanical Response to TGF-B2 in the Healing Rabbit MCL. Trans Orthop Res Soc 21, 793, 1996.

Stahlman GC, Wyrsch RB, McNamara MJ: Progressive Kyphosis of a Thoracic Burst Fracture Resulting From a Late-Onset Sterno-manubrial Dislocation. J Orthop Trauma 9(4), 350-353, 1995.

Lee RB, Stahlman GC, Sharp KW: Treatment Priorities in Patients with Traumatic Rupture of the Thoracic Aorta.  Am Surg 58(1), 37-43, 1992.

Baker D, Stahlman GC: Pasteurella multocida Infection in a Patient with AIDS. J Tn Med Assoc 84(7), 325-326, 1991.

Stahlman GC, Auerbach PS, Strickland WG: Neurologic Manifestations of Non-Ketotic Hyperglycemia.  J Tn Med Assoc 81(2), 77-80, 1988.

Research Grants

Methods in Microwave Blood Warming
Basic Science Research Grant, 1987

Do Growth Factors Affect Healing of the Ruptured MCL in the Rabbit?
Brooks Fund for Orthopaedic Research Grant, 1993

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